Coombe Consulting uses digital and traditional marketing techniques to help you attract, engage, convert and turn your prospects into your clients.

Targeted / Account-Based Marketing. We help you identify which markets and accounts to focus on and the decision makers and influencers to speak with to achieve your business goals. 

Prospecting / Lead Nurturing / Lead Management. 
Do you have effective prospecting initiatives in place to uncover leads? And what are you doing with those leads once you find them? We help turn your prospects into nurtured leads who are ready to speak with you and provide sales enablement tools and lead management processes so sales teams can follow up quickly and effectively. 

Inbound (Digital) Marketing … helping your prospects find you. How effective is your website in attracting visitors, engaging them, and ultimately converting them into marketing qualified leads?  Content, search engine optimization, social media and analytics are all key. We help you build and execute on strategies including writing and editing content, creating a social media calendar, activating keywords for SEO and run analytics so you ca 
n track the impact of all of these components, tweaking and improving as you change. 

Outbound Marketing… reaching out to your prospects. Speaking engagements, trade shows and events, webinars, email campaigns. These are just a few, more traditional, methods for engaging with your target market. Trade shows and events are powerful (and expensive!) activities that are often underutilized. Coombe Consulting will build you a trade show strategy, and help you execute on that strategy and capitalize on each event. 

Client Engagement.Engaging with your clients and ensuring they are happy and reaping the full value of their investment in you will help grow revenues and turn your clients into advocates. Client advocates are an especially powerful tool for helping win new clients. 

Sales Enablement.
It’s important that all team members understand your value propositions and go to market messages. This helps re-enforce brand. Do you have tools (scripts, cheat sheets, sales presentations) that assist your team to be successful in their selling efforts? 

Content Management.
Content really is King! We can help your target market find you, keep them engaged once they have, and build trust in you which in turn supports your sales process. We can help write and manage your content and ensure you have the right mix. 

Analytics and Reporting.
If Content is King, Analytics and Reporting is Queen. If you aren’t setting goals, measuring performance, analyzing results against those goals and reporting, how can you understand what is working and not? Coombe Consulting helps you establish these processes to ensure you are continuously improving.