Attract your target market and keep them engaged until they trust you enough to hire you

Prospecting / Lead Nurturing / Lead Management

Now that you know who to talk to, it’s time to start engaging. We help you build a solid, integrated strategy to both attract your targets to you, as well as take you to them. We ensure you are properly nurturing those “prospects”, and know when the time is right for your sales team to reach out and start a dialogue. And we guide you on how to effectively have that dialogue. Experts say it takes 8 to 12 contacts over a 10 to 14 day period to maximize lead follow up but most give up after one or two tries. Coombe consulting helps you create an integrated sales and marketing strategy that:

  • Attracts your targets to you. Learn about “inbound marketing”.
  • Takes you to your target market. Learn about “outbound marketing”.
  • Effectively nurtures and converts your prospects to leads.
  • Enables your sales team to convert those leads to new clients.